MADC stands out as an innovative, international company established in Madrid, Spain. With over twenty years of experience in both the public and private sectors, MADC has won numerous national and international awards in architecture and urban design.

MADC is currently developing sustainable projects in Spain and Norway, with its most recent client being the Madrid City Council for the upcoming public library construction called, “Thousand Suns.”


Thousand Suns Library

Location: Madrid, Spain.

Year: 2019.

Client: Madrid City Council.

Status: In progress.

Madrid public library located in significantly rectangular plot with slope of over 5 metres and affected by the shadows provoked by a residential building of nine stories and almost 30 meters high. The library emerges as an opportunity to give full response to the landscape, social and environmental challenges of the place.

Avintia Foundation

Location: Madrid, Spain.

Year: 2018.

Client: Avintia Foundation.

Status: Restricted competition (finalist).

Construction of 30 temporary rooms for relatives of neonates admitted to the ICU at Madrid's Hospitals, Ramón y Cajal and La Paz. Temporary stay based on the social services of the hospital itself, which allocate the residence to the family without resources for living in Madrid during the stay of the new born in the ICU.

Borgen Hub

Location: Stavanger, Norway.

Year: 2018.

Client: Bitmap.

Status: Feasible studies & concept design.

The proposal has a huge potential for setting up uses and functions. We propose a commercial program on the ground floor (shops, cafes, restaurants and creative business) and offices in all the other floors. However, we understand the architectural program as something inclusive in which people and stakeholders related.

Twins Unit

Location: Griñón, Spain.

Year: 2011.

Client: Bristaun.

Status: In progress.

Press: El País, 2011, Patricia Gosálvez.

Regeneration exercise for urbanized lands not yet built in Griñon (Madrid). According to the current regulations, the creation of a new temporary model of appropriation of the territory is proposed, generating quality public space, providing a new green infrastructure and developing a series of hybrid program housing units: office / commercial on the lower floor and housing in upper floor.
2022 September, 8th


2022 May, 27th

1st PRICE!! ‘Spacesuit’ winner of the competition for the renovation of the Pio XII Education Center in Parla, Madrid.

2022 May, 17th

Top 100 most influential twitter accounts of Spanish architects.

2022 February, 15th

Lecture series. Tampere School of Architecture.

2021 November, 13th

‘Last Chance for Architecture’ Presentation at UNIZAR

2021 July, 22nd


2021 June, 22nd


2020 November, 24th

Mobility Observatory First Symposium

2020 June, 30th


2019 June, 10th

MADC will take part at the Forum of Cities, Medellín Dialogues

2019 May, 6th

Workshop and seminar on “City Branding” at Karel de Grote University College.

2019 March, 24th

“Thousand Suns Library” winner of the competition for the creation of a new Public Library in Villaverde, Madrid.

2019 February, 6th

Lecture in the conference “Productive Neighbourhoods” at ETSASS, UPV, ETSA San Sebastian.

2018 October, 10th

MADC and the Architecture and Sustainability Association (ASA) will lead the group “City and Sustainable Territory”.

2018 September, 10th

“Architecture and Climate Change” is finally published, a book co-edited by Arquia Foundation and Catarata Publishers.