Avintia Foundation

Avintia Foundation

Location: Madrid, Spain.

Year: 2018.

Client: Avintia Foundation.

Status: Restricted competition (finalist).

Construction of 30 temporary rooms for relatives of neonates admitted to the ICU at Madrid's Hospitals, Ramón y Cajal and La Paz. Temporary stay based on the social services of the hospital itself, which allocate the residence to the family without resources for living in Madrid during the stay of the new born in the ICU.


3 units of 10 rooms each are allocated. Each unit is organized in a circular way around a central courtyard, creating a haven of peace for families in a critical emotional situation. On the ground floor there are common services and rooms adapted for people with reduced mobility; in upper floors the rest of the rooms, all of them around 25 Sqm and outdoor terrace. In the centre of the building, there is a circular patio with vegetation, water and a perimeter ramp for theatrical effects.

Building diagram
Façade sketch


Almost zero consumption unit, each room includes its own “energetic backpack” through low consumption aerothermal systems; production of electric power on deck using high-performance technologies and renewable sources; bioclimatic solutions integrated into the construction systems themselves from the protection / solar collection, natural ventilation, systems for the conservation of energy, metabolic exchanges between the buildings, the inner courtyards and the new green infrastructure around.

Energy diagram
Façade sketch
Volume sketch

Green infrastructure

Definition of 12.000 Sqm natural system in urban continuity with the contiguous existing park in the South extension of Juan Daniel Fullaondo street, a green ecosystem in close relationship with the neighbourhood, courtyards and buildings. The objectives of this natural system are: reset temperature fluctuations; recover and purify rainwater; generate oxygen and regulate relative humidity; retain and fix CO2 (new carbon sink); integrate floral gardens and greenhouses; integrate open outdoor auditoriums and areas for stay, walk or just rest.