2023 September, 29th


We have successfully assembled the timber structure at the Thousand Suns Library in Madrid. The construction of the wooden frame started during the first week of August and was completed within six weeks. This phase encompassed the assembly of nearly 1,000 SQM on both the first floor and mezzanine levels.


In celebrating this milestone in the construction process, we would like to take a moment to introduce the construction team:


Developer: Area de Gobierno de Obras y Equipamientos del Ayuntamiento de Madrid
Project director: Miguel Angel Diaz Camacho.
Project coordinator at MADC & Partners SLP: Zoltan Valbuena Berrio.
Civil Engineer: Rafael Valin Alcocer.
Contractor: GYOCIVIL
Structural Engineering: CALTER
Timber structure: EGOIN.
Facilities Engineering: ÚRCULO
Health and Safety Adviser: ATEAM.
Quality Control Executive: CPV.
Environmental Certification: GBCe VERDE. Alejandro Bosqued.

2023 March, 9th


The renovation of the Castellana 19 building in Madrid is making significant progress. In the accompanying photo, the wall structure from 1903 is juxtaposed with the concrete skeleton from 1987. In this process of successive refinement, the new design—crafted in collaboration with Ruiz-Larrea and encompassing over 6,000 square meters of additional office space—sits harmoniously with its predecessors. Walls, frames, and membranes tell the captivating tale of architectural evolution captured in a single frame.


P.S.: Stay tuned for the upcoming installation of the timber structure on the roof.

2023 January, 17th


Almost two years ago, we got a special commission: the renovation of the Desamparados Church, San Cristobal (Madrid, 1965). The main idea of the Parish Priest was to create a new photovoltaic roof to donate renewable energy to the most vulnerable families around the neighborhood. We call the project Source of Light: “I am the light of the World. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life”. We continue now with the fundraising campaign.

2022 September, 8th


Two weeks ago, we had the opportunity to participate in this event on Architecture and Communication at ETSAM. We revealed the meaning of communicating for us, similar to “opening holes” to connect separate rooms.


Here you can find some of the diagrams we presented and a link to the full video of our talk. YouTube.

2022 May, 27th

1st PRICE!! ‘Spacesuit’ winner of the competition for the renovation of the Pio XII Education Center in Parla, Madrid.

1st PRIZE!!! MADC has won the architectural competition organized by COAM for the renovation of the Pio XII Education Center, Parla (Madrid). The proposal is part of the Spanish Program to Promote the Renovation of Public Buildings (PIREP) – MITMA, designed within the Recovery Plan for Europe #NextGenerationEU.


Check other award-winning proposals here:

2022 May, 17th

Top 100 most influential twitter accounts of Spanish architects.

MADC ranked among the Spanish architects’ 100 most influential accounts on Twitter, via according to Via UAAAP/CSCAE.

2022 February, 15th

Lecture series. Tampere School of Architecture.

February 15th we will be lecturing at the Tampere School of Architecture, Finland. We will talk about Architectural Design, Education and Culture, a really interesting lecture series directed by Rosana Rubio and Fernando Nieto. The talks can be followed online.

Link here!

2021 November, 13th

‘Last Chance for Architecture’ Presentation at UNIZAR

Tomorrow November 16th, we will lecture at the School of Engineering and Architecture of Zaragoza University, lecture series 2021-22. The title of our presentation is Last Chance for Architecture, an overview of our recent projects in their urban context. Thanks to Belinda Lopez Mesa for the invitation. We are very excited to collaborate with a public university like UNIZAR (@Arquitectura_UZ; @unizar) in this and upcoming projects.

2021 July, 22nd


In the past few months, we’ve been in the process of relocating our offices. While the move is still underway, and there are more books to unpack, we’re excited to share this initial glimpse with all of you 😊 You can find our updated contact information here:

2021 June, 22nd


Runner-up, 2021 June. We thank the jury for the good appreciation. The jury’s report states: “The structure as the main design process, the architectural model as a tool for the void research, the freehand sketch as the genesis of the idea. Interesting skylight across the longitudinal section, allowing natural light to reach the basement and setting a visual relationship with the church at the same time”. We’ll carry on handling books 😊

2020 November, 24th

Mobility Observatory First Symposium

MADC has participated in the Mobility Observatory First Symposium, organized by El Español and Invertia. Specifically, the session “Challenges for a new city model and sustainable mobility“, held on Tuesday, November 24, 2020, had the participation of renowned experts: Miguel Hernández, Director of Strategy for DCN (North Castellana District); Martha Thorne, Dean of the IE School of Architecture and Design; Flavio Tejada, director of Arup Cities in Europe; Guillermo Maldonado, CEO of TEMA Grupo Consultor; Javier Torralba, president at Bream Spain; Miguel Ángel Díaz Camacho, architect, and director at MADC. President of the Sustainability and Architecture Association (ASA).

Link to the video.

Link to the symposium.

2020 June, 30th


It’s official!!! 1st PRICE!!! Together with Ruiz-Larrea & Asociados we have won the competition for the renovation of this magnificent historical building, Paseo de la Castellana 19, Madrid. 2020 June (more information coming soon).
Architects: Antonio Gómez, César Ruiz-Larrea, Gorka Álvarez, Miguel Ángel Díaz Camacho.
Collaborators: Almudena Antolín Moreno, Emilio García Navarro, José María González Luzardo, Olga Tykhonova, Zoltan Valbuena Berrio.
Engineering: Calter, JG Ingenieros, Proskene.
Render: ManuFacturas. Manuel Monteserín.

2019 June, 10th

MADC will take part at the Forum of Cities, Medellín Dialogues

MADC will take part at the Forum of Cities, Medellín Dialogues, June 13-15, 2019, Plaza Mayor, Medellin (Colombia): 200 lecturers + 50 Spanish cities + 6 Latin American cities + 48 partner organizations + 25 national & international government agencies + 21 professional associations … Come if you are around!

2019 May, 6th

Workshop and seminar on “City Branding” at Karel de Grote University College.

We are very happy to announce that MADC will be giving a workshop and seminar on “City Branding” at Karel de Grote University College, Antwerp (Belgium). This South Campus of KdG accommodate 5.500 students and 500 employees starting from academic year 2016-2017. KdG. Nationalestraat 5, 2000 ANTWERPEN, 2019, May 6-10th.

2019 March, 24th

“Thousand Suns Library” winner of the competition for the creation of a new Public Library in Villaverde, Madrid.

It’s official!!! The proposal “Thousand Suns Library”, submitted by MADC, has finally been the winner of the competition for the creation of a new Public Library in Villaverde, Madrid. The competition has been addressed by the Madrid City Council and organized in collaboration with COAM. Read more here: COAM / EL PAÍS / METALOCUS

Models: Almudena Antolín Moreno / Visuals: Zoltan Valbuena Berrio.

2019 February, 6th

Lecture in the conference “Productive Neighbourhoods” at ETSASS, UPV, ETSA San Sebastian.

Next Wednesday, February 13th, MADC will be lecturing at ETSASS, UPV, ETSA San Sebastian, as part of the seminar and conference program “Productive Neighbourhoods”. The “Architectural Design Studio” course is run by Ibon Salaberria and Jon Muniategiandikoetxea, on this occasion students must solve the regeneration of an industrial area with lot of potential for urban transformation, as it is strategically located in the city centre of Zarautz.

2018 October, 10th

MADC and the Architecture and Sustainability Association (ASA) will lead the group “City and Sustainable Territory”.

Today we attended the implementation of the CSCAE Observatory of Architecture, a new tool for the Spanish sector around the 2030 Urban Agenda. The observatory has the endorsement of the 2030 High Commission and UN-HABITAT among others. MADC and the Architecture and Sustainability Association (ASA) will lead the working group City and Sustainable Territory, together with a large group of collaborating institutions and companies.

2018 September, 10th

“Architecture and Climate Change” is finally published, a book co-edited by Arquia Foundation and Catarata Publishers.

NEW BOOK!!! Today “Architecture and Climate Change” is published, a book co-edited by Arquia Foundation and Catarata Publishers with illustrations by Clara Nubiola and written by MADC (only Spanish version for now). This book is the result of many years of research and real environmental-friendly building processes It also integrates the learning experience accumulated during the six years that MADC ran the Master in Architecture & Energy (2010-16 ESAYT, Madrid).